Yankee Candle The Last Paradise 12 Votive 1 Holder Gift Set

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About This Collection

Yankee Candle® invites you to escape to The Last Paradise. Disconnect and explore a world of sheer natural beauty, with exotic fragrances. This set contains 12 scented Votive Candles, including Bora Bora Shores, Coconut Rice Cream, The Last Paradise. Cliffside Sunrise, Tropical Starfruit, Exotic Acai Bowl, Beach Escape, Moonlit Cove and classic scents Blush Bouquet, Clean Cotton®, Pink Sands™ and Black Cherry. Also included in the set is a Votive Holder. The fragrant flourish of unexpected scents will transport you to your very own exotic paradise. To enjoy Yankee Candle® The Last Paradise Collection™ fragrance experience to its fullest, please remember to follow candle care instructions and always use a Votive Candle with a suitable holder. Help Yankee Candle® give this beautiful packaging, cardboard sourced from sustainable forests, a second life by recycling correctly.

This Gift Set Contains

Votive Candles

1 x Bora Bora Shores Votive Candle
1 x Coconut Rice Cream Votive Candle
1 x The Last Paradise Votive Candle
1 x Beach Escape Votive Candle
1 x Cliffside Sunrise Votive Candle
1 x Tropical Starfruit Votive Candle
1 x Exotic Acai Bowl Votive Candle
1 x Moonlit Cove Votive Candle
1 x Blush Bouquet Votive Candle
1 x Clean Cotton® Votive Candle
1 x Pink Sands™ Votive Candle
1 x Black Cherry Votive Candle


1 x Flower Bronze Punched Metal Votive Holder


About Votive Candles

Perfect for fragrance layering and sampling new scents, our Samplers® votive candles offer lots of decorative possibilities when used with one of our many votive holders. Sold individually, each one comes wrapped and labelled. Each provides up to 15 hours of fragrance.

Weight: 49g
Burn Time: Up to 15 Hours each
Size: 4.6cm x 4.8cm

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